Effective 05/15/14

Currently our office is receiving a tremendous volume of calls daily for medication refill requests. As of May 15, 2014, we have a new prescription refill policy. We hope to work together to continue to provide safe and effective medical care.

As of May 15, 2014, requests made for prescription refills outside of an office visit may be subject to a fee of $25.

Please call your pharmacy for all prescription refills. If you do not have any refills remaining, have your pharmacy fax our office your refill request, including Austin Compounding Pharmacy. In order to provide the highest clinical service to you, Dr. John Haest will take the time to review your medical record and determine if a medication adjustment is needed before refilling your prescription. If you are changing pharmacies, you can have your new pharmacy request remaining prescriptions be transferred from your old pharmacy.

We do require regular office visits, blood work, and saliva testing, which is vital for monitoring the safety and effectiveness of bio-identical hormone therapy. The interval will vary based on the type of medication prescribed.

Patients who do not do the required lab work will not have their prescriptions refilled.  If you call to request a refill but are overdue for a follow-up visit and have not done the required lab work we have asked you to do, (once again, this is vital for monitoring the safety or effectiveness of a medication), Dr. Haest may agree to give you enough medication to last until we are able to schedule an office visit.

Please submit your request for refills at least 2 week prior to running out of your medication. Fulfilling refill requests can take up to 5 business days to process, so please plan ahead. Please note: Refills are only handled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. If Dr. Haest will be out of the office, an email will be sent in advance of his absence.

Medication refills, when possible, are best addressed at the time of your office visit. This allows you to the update Dr. Haest on any changes in your medication effectiveness or advise him of any new or ongoing symptoms.

It is your responsibility to do your lab work, schedule appointments, and call your pharmacy for refills in a timely manner before you run out of medication.

Download a Copy of the New Rx Policy for Your Records New_Prescription_Refill_Policy_050814.pdf


Please have your pharmacy fax a refill request to (512) 472-9898 (even Austin Compounding Pharmacy). 


Please notify your pharmacy and have them make a notation on the request. 


If we have received your results and a change is necessary, Dr. Haest will alter your current prescription based on your recent lab results. 

If we have not received your results and you would like to request a partial refill, please ask the pharmacy to make a notation on your request.